This Fanon is By Helenna A114

The Daoche no Shinko:Edit


Daoche no Shinko, is a peaceful Empire right outside of, Michigan.Daoche no Shinko is ruled by the Empire's queen. she keep watch over there people and keep the stright. If they fail at this, the next ruler in line will take their place. 

The map:Edit

Dochie no Shinko is where the State of Wisconsin was once. they keept some of the towns that where belived to be great, such as Ashland.

The people:Edit

there is mostly Neko's in Dochie no shinko, but there are some humans.

the Neko's that live in Dochie no Shinko have human blood in there history, the Neko's are geneticly altered to be like cats. all of witch where a U.S. Goverment test. some of them are 2 or 3 Genorations down from the first ones. but are pretty young. 

The Neko's made there own Empire because they where seen as Slaves to just about every Human. the Queen didn't want to see  her kind forced into Slavery because they where test subjects. and she took the once Abondon Wisconsin, and made it Dochie no Shink, Land of Faith.