Admins of the Wiki are acttomaticly given Chat Mod status, for a list of Admins please click here Mods will be

How to become a Mod:Edit

you must be trusted with the right, no Ban history due to spamming or trolling. and you can't just go asking for it, you must be nomanated by a Mod or Admin, then you will be voted on by the users of more then 1,000+ edits, and Admin's. one of the things that might be looked over is if you think that any Female members regardles of trolling or spamming not getting banned due to there actions, Nither Gender will be over looked if they do not follow the rules.

  1. Good history
  2. Trusted by Admins and or Mods

Rules to follow:Edit

  • A mod may only ban for 2 houers for not following a small rule, Trolling or Spamming are not one to these to only have a 2 houer ban, inless the who spammed was over looking something, and trying to help another member, as long as the spam was small but still spam, quoting the rules does not follow under this.
  • Spam: if a user uses the same emotecon more than 3 times in one post or over more then one post over a short period of time, this is spam. if a user posts the same word for a wole post or posts this is spam. posting  a conversation that they have been having over a PM or on another chat will be just wanred, if the user keeps up this action they will be kicked 2 times befor a 2 houer ban for the first offence. 


NOTE: All Admins are given Chat mod status, for the full list, please go Here

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