This Fanon is By Helenna A114

"I'm nothing but a maid"
—Helenna to a human


By: Helenna A114
Name: Helenna Marrie Graveheart
Job: Maid
Birth: May 31
Death: N/A
Home Town: Ashland, Dochie no Shinko
Family: Graveheart
Physical attributes
Gender: Female
Race: White
Wight: 99 LBS
Hight: 4'9"
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye color: Blue
Ear & Tail Color: Black

Helenna is a maid for a very rich Human family in Dochie no Shinko, witch is very frowned unpon for the family to have a Neko maid, since they are humans. She works for the Harison family.

she's grown up as a orphan, and only knows her mother due to her visiting her. when she became a maid she was only 14 years old, and was dropped out of her orphanage due to being able to take care of herself at that age. her mother is Terra Graveheart, the Neko time traviler.  

the home that she works at is far away from any battles or bombings. and because her home 99 miles away was bombed when she was at work, the Harison family gave her a room to stay in.

she also works at the capital sometimes due to trying to pay for her own food.

she would love to be free from any of the bounderies that the Neko Empire has, but can't aford to get out of there.

Helenna also has magical ability's, she can cast spells, transform into humans, Inu's, animals, jus about everything. she can also change her hair eye skin and fur colors.


Helenna has 4 kids. her two oldest and also twins, Samantha and Jake, her middle child, Mayson (Mason), and her youngest, Shotty.