• Nekolove1200

    Neko Fandom

    May 9, 2018 by Nekolove1200

    Hey guys!  Nekolove here!  PLZ reffer a Neko Fandom to me u guyz! 

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  • Helenna A114

    so you all know, if you see a use by the name Reggiekicker2012, CONTACT ME ASAP

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  • GLaDOS114

    my first big neko drawing!

    December 18, 2012 by GLaDOS114

    Today, "respect the lines of Anime and Manga!"

    Hey Y'all!! So, today is my second day on my first big neko drawin'! I got bored yesterday and started drawin' a neko vershion of my love. of corse in my luck he asked for a dress sirt and tie, so now I have to go and make that happen, witch is no biggy, somethin' for me to do so I don't get bored, just the truble of makin' it look right, then I have to color him in other then his skin eyes and mouth. so here's some of what I did from yesterday and today!!

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  • GLaDOS114

    Day 1!!

    December 9, 2012 by GLaDOS114

    TODAY, is the say this wiki was made. lol. ^_^ We have some spys snoopin' around so be careful. Now, at this date I'll post a pic of how it first looked/looks if it get changed people can see the old one. :D


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