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Alice standing by one of the big balls of yawn in her club
By: Shotgun02
Name: Alice
Job: Club owner
Birth: Can't remember her birthday
Death: N/A
Home Town: Donchie no Shinko
Family: Unknown
Physical attributes
Gender: Female
Wight: It's rude to ask a girl her weight
Hight: She finds it rude when asked how tall she is.
Hair Color: Pink
Eye color: Dark Green
Ear & Tail Color: White

Alice is a female Neko who lives in Dochie no Shinko, she owns a club.

Her clubEdit

As pointed out Alice owns a club, her club is a dance club, she also has a bar and serves a bit of food.


Alice is a nice female Neko she only fights if she has too, she does have bedrooms for people to sleep in at her club, she isn't the type to be a cheeky girl, she just cares about her customers. She does have the odd tease with her customers, she does at times give customers a private dance.


Alice don't know much about her own family, she don't even know the names of her mum and dad, she don't like to think about her family.

Eye tricksEdit

Alice has the power to change her eye color.

  • Red - Her true eye color.
  • Crimon - Anger or rage.
  • Pink - Happy.
  • Blue - Unsure about something.
  • Light blue - Worried.
  • Dark blue - Scared.
  • Light green - Having a flashback.
  • Dark green - A fake eye color.
  • Green - A fake eye color.
  • Grey - A fake eye color.
  • Brown - A fake eye color.

Alice likes to play with Humans and Nekos with her eye trick as she calls it.